Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tremendous heights of Nepal

As per the words of tourism minister spokesman Mr. Sapkota which he said to Kyodo news that they are in a way to open the 165 new peaks to hike for the climbers by an arrival of next spring.
To advent tourism and to boost their energy we are planning to offer a new obstacle while climbing which would be open by the next year this would allow a mountaineers to explore new adrenaline of a virgin peaks said by an official on Friday.

Out of 1500 peaks 326 are open for the climbers at a recent period of time and we are looking forward to open more slowly for the mountain climbers to call more and more tourist into an arm of Himalayas added by sapkota.

Yalungkhang which is at the western side of Kanchenjunga massif in east Nepal bearing a height of 5500 to 8077 meters is organizing itself to get open said by Ang Tshering Sherpa, convener of government committee.

Mountains lower than 5,500 meters are not considered peaks In Nepal,

Mr. Sherpa who is a the than president of Nepal Mountaineering Association said to develop a rural areas the first initiation should come from developing mountain tourist destination and beside that peaks are located in such an area which in turn would benefit the country as a whole.

Although many of the mountains are unnamed and those 4 peaks which have been shortlisted are named before the legends like TEnzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary, Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal.

Although in 1953 Mt. Everest was conquer by a legend Hillary and Norgay and crowned as a first duo to step at the height and in early 1950 duo from France namely Herzog and Lachenal conquer the height of 8000 meter of Mt. Annapurna and became a first duo to travel the height.

So the 4 mountains which have been named after them is to tribute them for their hand in globalizing mountain tourism in Nepal as said by an official.

Mt. Cho Oyu in eastern Nepal has been decided to name after the legends like Hillary and Norgay to pay a tribute to them.

Simultaneously mountains near Mt Annapurna in western Nepal have been selected to name after the duo of France Herzog and Lachenal, said by Sherpa.

Mountaineers, Alpine clubs, expedition operators and trekking agencies have requested government to open new peaks to promote tourism and the last time when government took an initiative was in 2004 Nepal peaks and beauty looks to attract many travelers from across the globe which in turn would benefit the country economy and would create an employment opportunity.

Kanchenjunga the 3rd highest peak with a height of 8586 meters it is most popular peak renowned for its beauty and height.

Lhotse is the world 4th highest bearing a height of 8516 is a tremendous peak falls under the Everest group.

Makalu the world 5th highest with its peak ranging up to a height of 8,462 meters it falls under the Makalu Mahalangur.

Cho Oyu is the world 6th highest and its height is 8201 meters which makes this mountain a tremendous and gigantic it is located between the heights of Mt. Everest is a beauty of Nepal.

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