Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Honeymoonin Nepal

Nepal is a place situated in the South Asia. The natural beauty all around here gives the magnificent scene and which relish the inner happiness from this beauty. The view of Himalaya and its beauty gives the tourists a feel of paradise. 

The country is renowned because the highest mountain called ‘The Mount Everest’ is situated here. This country attracts tourists from all over the world as it is sound in natural beauty. In the Asian continent this place is turning out be the best tourist place among the tourists. This place is known for the scenic beauty, which attracts the honeymoon lovers to stay here and enjoy.

This place is also famous regarding the adventure point of view For the people who has a craze of adventures like trekking, bungee jumping, river rafting, mountain biking and mountain climbing, this place is considered to be the place where one can really have hard core adventure to face. 

Since here the mountains and the can prevails you all the required facilities for this exciting sport. During mountain biking one can get the most exotic and rare view of these silent and profound mountains which is a most remember able moment. Tourists coming to this place must grab this exciting opportunity.

Apart from that there are other games related to snow like skiing. The helicopter trips are available here to view the top of Himalaya. Many exciting and mind blowing opportunities are available here like rides of hot air balloon, paragliding, kayaking, jungle safaris(Himalayan country tour for newly wedded couples) Kathmandu is the capital of this country. The place is rich in culture and religions, here people follow Buddhism and Hinduism. The place has many holy temples and monarchies.

The birth place of Lord Gautam Budha is situated in Lumbini, it is also located in Nepal. In Muktinath the famous and religious temple is situated named Mukhtinath Temple. Kathmandu provides you the peaceful atmosphere of harmony and safety. Nepal is sound in wildlife sanctuaries; it has wide variety of flora and fauna. The view of these species of animals can be done by hiring a jungle safari or a four wheeler car to the famous and renowned Royal Chitwan national park. There are 450 species of birds in this park and about 45 species of mammals and amphibians.

 Apart from the tour of Nepal the tourist can visit Nagarkot. A place mainly visited by almost every tourist due to its scenic beauty. The view from Nagarkot gives you 360 degree view of the Himalayan Mountain. The view is magnificent when you stand on the outlook tower located in Nagarkot. 

The main part is the sun rise and sun set which is heart renting and loved by all. The each ray of sun touching your heart is an experience for life time. The couples coming here to spent their honeymoon will get maximum satisfaction by this place of beauty and mountains. This place ideal for honeymoon lover and must visit by the travellers. The place Nepal is the heart of tourism in Asia.

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